Company history

Since its establishment in 1992 by the owner, Ing. Pavel Gabriel, GAPA MB, s.r.o. has focused on the production and sale of mats and cleaning zones. It began its activity by developing two types of mats - the Openwell mat, as the first cleaning zone for coarse dirt, and the Shatwell mat, as the second cleaning zone for fine dirt. These types met the expectations of our customers and are still able to meet the requirements of demanding clients for clean buildings and interiors. Their quality has thus undoubtedly achieved the European standard. With the development of our company, our assortment has expanded as well, and today we offer a selection of more than eighty types of mats and accessories, such as entrance, textile, pool and industrial mats, drainage boxes, mats with a logo, door and stair strips, etc.

At present, you can find the products of GAPA MB, s.r.o. virtually everywhere. They are produced based on customer requirements for both wholesale and retail consumers. In 1996, the company also began to focus on exports to western and eastern Europe.

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