Information on orders

How are mats ordered?
In writing:
via e-mail at:
by post to the mailing address: GAPA MB, s.r.o., Svatovítská 217, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav
by fax to number: +420 326 721 006
What information do we need from you before producing a customized mat?

The name of mat, type, composition or colour design, dimensions, including specification of of the width and length (width means the width of the door, and length means the length in the walking direction) - for the specifications, we recommend a small drawing.

If you choose a frame, specify, please, whether or not the mat size includes the frame.

For all mats with a logo, send, please, the logo design and required colours - in this case, we recommend phone consultation.

Transport (transport company / your own transport from Zásmuky u Kolína).

Payment method (see Payment Terms), a price proposal can be sent on request.

Contact – responsible person and phone number, address and place of delivery, company ID No., Tax ID No., date - if necessary.

Do you need advice?

We have the entire territory of our republic divided into individual regions. Each region is managed by a sales technician who will advise you and recommend a mat type or provide you with other necessary technical information. Contact us.

In the case of special shapes, we also lay them.

Delivery date
We will deliver the mat to you within 7 working days of receiving your order or payment.
In the case of mats with a longer delivery time (scrapers, industrial mats), we keep you informed regarding the delivery date.
Payment Terms
The payment can be made in three ways
  • cash on pick-up,
  • cash on delivery when the goods are handed over by the transport company,
  • by pre-invoice - the mats will be delivered to you within 7 business days of the payment being credited to our account. The tax document is sent by post.
    Shipping and handling fees, or forwarding fees, are included in the costs of each delivery.
We provide a 2-year warranty for our products.
Withdrawal from the contract by the buyer - consumer

If the buyer is also a consumer, he/she has the right to withdraw from the contract without stating a reason within 14 days. This deadline commences on the date of conclusion of the contract, on the date of receipt of the goods in the case of
 a purchase contract, and on the date of receipt of the last delivery of goods
 in the case of a contract for the delivery of several types of goods or the delivery of several parts.

The buyer must notify the seller of his/her intention to withdraw from such a contract.

If the buyer withdraws from the contract, he/she is obliged to return the goods that he/she has received to the seller not later than within fourteen days after the withdrawal from the contract. The buyer is obliged to return the goods in the state and value in which he/she has taken over the goods. The costs of returning the goods are borne by the buyer.

The seller shall return all monetary means, including delivery costs, which it has received from the buyer under the contract to the Buyer not later than 14 days after the withdrawal from the contract. If the buyer chose a method of delivery other than the cheapest one offered by the seller, the delivery costs returned to the buyer by the seller shall correspond to the cheapest method of delivery offered by the seller. If the buyer withdraws from the contract, the seller is not obliged to hand over the received monetary means to the buyer before the buyer returns the goods to the seller or proves that the goods have been sent.

A buyer who is not in the position of a consumer may withdraw from the contract only in the cases stipulated by law; the same applies to the seller.

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